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Sub Woofer AR218FH P.A. Doyle Audio

Powered with the Faital 18XL-1600. Long Throw Sub woofer. Concert application. One of the best subs in the world according to professional Engineers that have used everything.

5 Ton Elephant Crushes Speaker Cabinet

No People were hurt in the Video Taping of this clip. Car got badly dented though. The Elephants are well Loved at the Bowmanville Zoo!

Stage monitors Doyle ARM1010AS

ASYMMETRICAL stage monitors set up and used as left and right of mic. Custom design features from Doyle Audio

Doyle Audio, Sound check in Ghanian Presbyterian Church

Mike Kerwin talks about working with Doyle Audio. Building a great sound for an acoustically challenging church.

Asymmetrical Horn loaded P.A. 18" woofer 10" mid 1" high end

Asymmetrical P.A. System . 1200 RMS 18", 10" and 1" Asymmetrical Horns

P.A. Doyle Speaker tossed from van 60 mph

Doyle Speaker Cabinet gets thrown out of a Van at 60 mph.

P.A. Doyle Audio New Years RAVE with Faital

Doyle Audio uses Faital speakers on new years 2008.

P.A. Doyle Speakers for Freezing outdoor Weather

Doyle Audio has never had such confidence with a speaker component for the Great Canadian Winters. Faital components are successful by design.

Dinner with Faital

Doyle Audio Engineering is having more fun then we should with this fantastic Speaker component new to North America.

Brooklyn Gear Bass Guitar Speaker Facts 1

A comparison of Bass guitar speakers. What you as a Musician, should know about your Gear.

P.A. Doyle Sound Systems use Faital speakers

Doyle Audio Engineering is now using Italian made Faital speakers in their professional line of Sound systems.

P.A. Doyle ARM101 Faital 10" woofer 1"driver

This is one of the most flexible multi use Speaker Cabinet design available. P.A. Monitor, Five different Rotatible Horns\dispersions to choose from.

412 Guitar Cabinet David Henman Interview

Juno award winner David Henman of April Wine and The David Henman band


The Secret Behind Doyle Audio's Great Pricing

Getting a Bigger 12 in a Tight Hole

How to retro fit speakers with larger frames into cabinets with smaller holes.

What is a P.A. Speaker Cross Over?

Guitar 412 Alexander quad

Possibly the most flexible 412 in the world.