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Durham Trade & Commerce magazine coverWhen he was twelve years old, Gerard Doyle, who would later become the owner of Doyle Audio Engineering, saved up enough money to buy a wood lathe. He used it to make lampshades that were sold to friends and neighbours, and this sparked a passion for woodworking that would put a stamp of superior quality on all products manufactured by Doyle Audio Engineering.

Doyle Audio Engineering was founded in May, 1981. Unlike most fledgling businesses, this one did not have to struggle in order to gain a foothold in the music industry. Founder Gerard Doyle brought with him a passion for creating perfect sound that caught the attention of Doyle Audio Engineering’s first customer, Geddy Lee.

Since then, Doyle Audio Engineering has served a number of top Juno Award winning musicians, including the likes of Sarah McLachlan and David Henman of April Wine. Established musicians who depend on reliable sound systems, love the durability and superb sonic quality of Doyle products. Musicians who are just starting out love the fact that they can get affordable superior sound that fits inside a smaller venue.

Since 1997, Doyle sound systems have graced Ciniplex theatres across Canada. In fifteen years and 330 systems, there has not been a single report of failure.
Doyle Audio Engineering uses only the best components that can withstand a wide variety of conditions. Their durability in the face of extreme heat or cold, rain, wind and humidity, makes them a natural choice for outdoor venues. Doyle Audio Engineering has been serving the Wakestock event for several years, and the products have never failed to perform perfectly in the hot and humid conditions.

Doyle Audio Engineering has as its clients a number of churches and recreational centres. These kinds of venues face some unique acoustic challenges, and the company’s experts visit the venue and do a complete analysis of what the audio needs are. They then go back to the factory and custom-build a solution just for that customer.

Doyle sound systems are being increasingly used by people building home theatres. The products, which can be customized to work in a room of any size or shape, are a popular choice for movie affectionados who want only the best sound in their homes.

Our Philosophy

Dear friends,

My name is Gerard Doyle, and I am the founder and owner of Doyle Audio Engineering. I want to tell you the story about something that happened when I was six years old, that taught me the meaning of integrity. It all started when I told a lie. I forget what the lie was, but my father - a proud Irishman - found out. He took me into a room and closed the door, and he asked me if I knew what it meant that I had told a lie. I said no, and my father took out a piece of paper and a pen. And he spelled out our name. D-O-Y-L-E.

And he said that in telling a lie, I had gone against everything that name stood for: honesty, integrity, and fairness. Without those three things, he said, we are nothing. When I had told that lie, I had disrespected the family name. That lesson has stayed with me through my entire life, and it is one that I bring with me into my business. I am proud to put my name on the products I make, and I am proud to promise you the best quality and service. When I promise you that I will make you a sound system that is durable, reliable, and gives you the best sound you'll be able to find anywhere, you can be assured that I will keep that promise.

Because the truth is everything to me, and without the truth I am nothing.

Gerard Doyle

Philanthropic Venture

As Doyle Audio Engineering has enjoyed more than thirty years of success with award-winning musicians and major big-ticket events, the young up-and-coming artists have not been forgotten. Gerard Doyle, founder of Doyle Audio Engineering, wanted to find a way to give something back to the industry that had formed the cornerstone of his business. He only had to look as far as the TV news.

As reports of gangs and violence among Toronto's youth climbed, Gerard saw an opportunity to make a difference. He would build a recording studio for youth - a place where young people would have a positive creative outlet, an alternative to joining gangs and engaging in violence. Gerard recruited a group of volunteers, and together they built a studio and made the dream become a reality. Other major players in the music industry were contacted, friends and competitors alike donated all of the equipment that would be needed to run the studio.

Since its inception, the Light Of DAE Studio has touched hundreds of young lives, through its involvement with student interns, and with young musicians. At-risk youth who were headed for destruction have been able to change the directions of their lives, and youth who had already gone down the path of gangs and violence have redeemed themselves. Doyle Audio Engineering is proud to serve the youth of our community and help create a better world for all to live in.

For more information about this project, and to learn how to get involved, please visit: